Are you still hesitated to develop your e-commerce site? Are you a startup, PME or TPE, Devmix guides you.

Why commercial websites?

Do you want to expose your products/services online? Do you want to create a new target group of customers? Are you looking for a new way to promote your products? Do you want to develop your TP? Your disposal transactions stagnate? Your competitors, unlike your agency, are developing widely on internet?

Devmix is your accompanying agency

Designing and developing e-commerce site in Tunisia

Thanks to our e-commerce solution you can now create your online shop and sell your products on internet in order to increase your disposals, your target price and gaining new customers.

CMS e-commerce solution is recognized at the international level

CMS solution of online payment in Tunisia or in other words e-commerce shop in Tunisia is capable to generate your electronic disposal products online as well as shipping orders.

creating online shop in Tunisia is extremely secured

The creation of online shop’s website based on e-commerce CMS solution is extremely secured against any vicious attacks.

The advantages of an e-commerce website

The disposal’s geographic area is global. The only remained limit is attached to the shipping costs and to the tough legislation of the buyers’ countries.

Increasing the number of potential customers, certain customers buy their products through an ordinary network, while others do the shopping online. The fact of being available on web allows you to gain the two kinds of customers.

The existence of some additional services for your clients: ease of buy, fidelity, promotions.

Economies are related to the unnecessary to open any additional disposal points.

Increasing target price

Optimizing the commercial efficiency of your e-commerce website

Social media interaction
SEO Optimization
Advanced training on the website use
Flash sale
Multi languages
Content Creation
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