We have CRM solutions adapted to your company’s needs regardless their activity. Each client has a specific and personalized approach. Our services cover all phases of your CRM project.


Want to best meet the needs of your customers / prospects? CRM boosts your productivity by simplifying interactions from the decision-making process to after-disposal service.
A CRM (Customer Relation Management) is a tool that helps companies to set up actions for customers. It is generally used by marketers to increase sales. More than just a tool that is dedicated to sales and marketing; CRM is a collaborative tool that allows sharing data for a high quality of service.

the goal of setting up a CRM

Centralize your data recording
Improve communication within you company
Promote your merchants in the field.
Gain more time by being more organized
Get your investment back as fast as possible.


Commercial activity management

Marketing campaigns management

Price management

Business opportunities management

Business and contacts management

Accomplished goals management and monitoring

Stocks management and optimization

Products and services management

Dashboard and graphics

Statistics and reports in PDF format

the advantages of customer relationship software management

Accessing up-to-date customer files
Forecasting disposals
Tracking new sales opportunities
Sending targeted emails/ automatizing messages (marketing automation)
Generating reminders
Analyzing actions
Providing customers with a space for consulting their orders, accounts, sending incident tickets, etc.
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